About Susan Smit

Susan, who has a clear entrepreneurial spirit, always likes to surround herself with people. Also likes to have her silence moments. It gives her ideas and a better focus. Her passion for “connecting” originated in the recruitment & selection and event industry where she passed the necessary learning lessons. Susan is a sustainer and her energetic appearance opens doors that remain closed to others. Her cheerfulness is infectious and creates an atmosphere of confidence. She has strong organization and communication skills. Susan connects with her specific eye for talent and quality, supply and demand in various areas.

The common thread in her work and life is her social involvement. She has taken a number of volunteer tasks in sports and language coaching to keep people moving, to help people on their way.

She has a passion for running and likes to set new goals. She will continue to push for new boundaries. In 2017 she ran her first full marathon in Valencia (Spain). This was a huge challenge for her! And it tasted like more. And that’s right!
In 2018 she has run the second marathon in Florence (Italy) with a beautiful PR. The run “100 bruggenloop”: in Leiden was also quite impressive. You will literally pass 100 bridges.